"Re-export" of goods from countries outside the EU to countries outside the EU

On the territory of Free Zone Rousse it is possible to implement a change of ownership of goods from third countries and community goods. Receipt of goods from one company and sending them in an optimal way to another is a new modern method to help international trade and transport - helps to preserve trade secrets, allows adjustments to the parameters of supply and price overcomes the limitations of trade and transport between specific countries. For re-export we offer:

  • Complete clearance of incoming goods from third countries - closure of customs procedure completion of the transport documents, issuance of documents for storage of goods and others. Issuance of a full set of outgoing documents - CMR, Invoice, Packing list, Carnet TIR, T1, T2, T2L, etc.. We fully comply with all terms and conditions of the final recipient.                             
  • Correction parameters of supply in accordance with the letters of credit and commercial contracts - optimization of customs value, delivery terms, tariff codes and more.                             
  • Reissue of EUR1 certificates and other certificates.                             
  • Reissue of required certificates accompanying the shipments of fresh fruits and vegetables.                             
  • All necessary additional services - loading, unloading, reloading, repacking, reassortment, re-labeling and more.                             
  • The company carries out re-export of goods from Europe to Iran and shaping of relevant documents.                             
  • The company carried Import and storage of goods from China to Europe and shaping of relevant documents.

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